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Graffiti Art Pendant Necklace / Keychain

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Product Details
This graffiti pendant necklace features a Conjure Images original photograph from the "Street Art" series. The image is encased in a glass domed rectangle with rounded corners and set in an antique copper pendant tray with matching vintage chain.

Showcase a piece of original street art while expressing your own personal style. With vibrant hues and rich pops of color it’s the perfect gift for yourself or anyone who loves wearable (street) art!

Shape: Domino / Rectangle w/ rounded cornersPendant height: 2 Inches; Pendant width: 1 Inches

Size: 2 inches x 1 inch

Metal: Copper

Made to Order

The rectangle pendant can also be used as a keychain - please specifiy in your order if you would like a key ring in place of the chain.

Note: The piece is water resistant but not waterproof so please be sure to avoid submerging in water and please remove before showering.

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