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As a mixed media artist and photographer I bring a love of storytelling and a penchant for the offbeat to my artwork from a career in documentary film, television, and event design in both New York City and San Francisco.

Through photography I’m able to catch glimpses of the ethereal, and to reclaim that pure sense of awe and curiosity that tend to get lost in the everyday. It’s my way of staying connected with the natural world, with the human experience, and perhaps what has come before.


I like to play with scale, perspective, and context, and through this an object can shed it’s old “self” and take on a new identity. An ordinary oak tree becomes a dancer in mid-leap through the shape of its trunk and tilt of its branches. A pile of rusty scrap metal becomes a magnificent sculpture. A tiny insect becomes a larger than life creature that dominates the frame.

I may hang back unobtrusively, waiting for the subject to tell me their story without words - a facial expression, a movement of the body, or a nuanced exchange.


Other times, I actively seek out these moments and wander through city streets with my camera in search of “treasures” - a vibrant wall mural tucked away between gas meters in an alleyway, a tiny handprint pressed into a building cornerstone, or a secret message scrawled in graffiti on the back of a hidden door. It feels like these things were left for me to find, as if they were a reward for taking the time to really see…

I can often be found in the woods climbing trees and wading in creek beds. I'll patiently wait for a fox family to emerge from their den at dusk or crouch for the best shot of a rare bird taking flight.


I'm also a huge fan of creepy, abandoned places and anything to do with Weird NJ :)

With every image I capture, I offer a story to the viewer. Whether you are seeing your own story in it or bearing witness to mine, you enter into a dynamic exchange. It’s this exchange that drives me to create, to explore, and to uncover…

Jennifer G. Hughes
 Owner, Conjure Images
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